We started as a group of individuals who were in search of helping homeowners create a place where they could receive sincere guidance and assistance. As we were sitting around and talking we couldn't believe how many of the clients had trouble with attorneys, banks, real estate agents, and investors taking advantage and making matters worse.   Unfortunately, some of us have lived through these same nightmares with our own homes and/or family members.  We have learned firsthand the agonizing struggles working with incompetent banks, real estate agents, attorneys and investors. 
We have heard all too many times a client telling us:
1. "The bank won't talk to them, or they constantly say they need more paperwork etc."
2. "The agent was nice, but had no idea what they were doing."
3. "They have paid an exuberant amount of money to an attorney to try to save the house, but wound up losing it anyway.  On top of that  they could have received the same help for a much smaller fee or for free!"
4. "Trusting in an investor who promised them a place to live and money, but never delivered."
Unfortunately, the above are just a small fraction of what we hear. However, it is important to note that there are amazing banks, attorneys, real estate agents and investors out there.   In fact, we personally work with many that have an upstanding and outstanding reputation.
When working with Homeowner Alliance you will find Fair and Honest guidance regarding your personal situation.  We will do all we can to keep families in their homes and preserve communities.  

Meet the Advocates

David has over 15 years of experience in the real estate and finance industry.  He owned and operated a successful mortgage company for 5 years and managed over 80 employees.  His extensive knowledge of industry trends and his keen ability to identify financial opportunities for his clients brings an added value to investors, buyers and sellers.  Whether dealing with a residential or commercial property, his customers satisfaction in the long term financial benefit of every transaction is his number one priority. In addition, David has a broad amount of expertise when working with banks regarding mortgage modifications, forbearance, creative financing and short sales.  Born and raised on Long island, David is able to present his clients with options that are curated with their specific needs and desires in mind.  David holds himself to the highest of customer service standards.  He exceeds his clients expectations with his ability to be objective,  along with his honesty and business integrity, all of which have enabled him to maintain a loyal following.
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Cookie's career experience throughout the years have been split between real estate and education, two of which she truly has a deep passion for.  She has worked with multiple property owners in various situations, such as probate, divorce, issues with the bank or just ready to move on and start a new chapter in their life. Cookie has been involved in many real estate facets throughout the years, some of which include, title closer, real estate investment, marketing, fix and flip, mortgage modification, short sales, wholesaling, and creative financing.  

She is a perpetual student with a master’s degree in education and believes it is essential to educate her clients first and foremost.  In addition, she recognizes and values the trust her clients place in her and strives every day to exceed their expectations and do what is in their best interest regardless of the outcome.  

In addition, Cookie is a Board Member  for St. Vincent de Paul

This organization reaches out to the most vulnerable in her community and offers person-to-person service to individuals and families in need.

Cookie Tini
David Pescetto
James Peck

Jame's is a graduate of Dowling College, he has a BS in Business and Political Science.  He has been in the real estate and finance industry for the past 12 years.  Within in the past 2 years James has been working as a homeowner advocate specializing in loss mitigation and loan modification.  His diligence and follow up has helped him develop strong client relationships.